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Welcome to Hana Sushi!


allergic to fish and eating at a sushi restaurant? That's awesome. What a too
Jun 15, 2015 16:04
Friendly service and sushi is always fresh and delicious
Feb 12, 2015 12:47
Great Sushi! Hey Jeff, its a sushi restaurant...what do you expect
Jan 31, 2015 06:29
Allergies are serious. I had told you I was allergic to fish and asked you to clean off the counter top and knife and I still ended up with roe in my sushi. You made the order again for me and still there was more roe in my sushi. I am a vegetarian and allergic to fish and this is the second time this is happened when I order food from your restaurant. I guess it is just not safe for a vegetarian to eat at your restaurant. I will not be returning
Jan 20, 2015 15:48
So sad I've recently moved out of Manchester, as I lived right down the street from Hana and it was totally hard to not get take out EVERY night!!! I'm obsessed with Hana Sushi, no other place compares and I've tried many sushi places! But I make it a point since I still work in Manchester to come get take out for lunch or bring it home for dinner and I've never been disappointed! My 8 year old son loves the sushi and that says a lot! The Lucky Roll is my favorite and I get it every time, the Shrimp Tempura, and Sweet Potato and Onion are also favorites, they Dynamite Roll is awesome as well. I used to always order the Gyoza but since I don't eat pork any longer I can eat it but if you eat pork definitely get the Gyoza it's amazing!! I've got everyone I know going to Hana Sushi and will always recommend this place when anyone is looking for some fresh and fantastic sushi with always great service!!
Dec 04, 2014 10:45
I have been coming to Hana Sushi was years. It was my first introduction to sushi and I have been a loyal diner ever since. It is one of my favorite places to eat and I get take out at least once a week. I can't say enough good things about Hana Sushi!
Dec 01, 2014 16:10
Jon Rhinesmith
I have been going to Hana Sushi since it opened and I have never been disappointed. I urge everyone to try the Blackened Tuna appetizer. I had it for the first time last evening and it is amazing
Oct 16, 2014 15:02
This place is amazing! The food is the best! The people are very friendly and make you feel at home. Moved back to Manchester recently and my family is very happy to have found such a great sushi restaurant! Favorite sushi is the New Windsor
Jul 02, 2014 11:48
anonym user
I stumbled upon Hana Sushi 3 years ago when I moved to the area and was looking for a good sushi place. Well, I found a great one! The food is amazing and so fresh, and I love the creative special rolls that they have. The people are so friendly and make you feel very welcome. My husband and I do not go out to eat often, but when we do we make a point to come here because we know we will not be disappointed
Mar 05, 2014 13:08
anonym user
I have been going to Hana for many years now, and every time I go I am NEVER disappointed, not only in the amazing food but in their amazing service. I am always excited to come here. I now travel an hour just to come and eat here. They make you feel like family!everyone I know will now only come here for sushi! Every chance I get I send people here for fresh quality sushi!! Thank you Hana for being so amazing!!
Jan 31, 2014 19:38
There is a reason why there are so many 5 star reviews for Hana Sushi. I cannot agree more with what everyone has said. A few years ago we moved away from Manchester, and there are no sushi restaurants that compare within a 50 mile radius. The standard of quality of their sushi is exceptional and all of their special rolls are original and worth every penny. The staff are inviting and friendly. Hana Sushi is a gem
Aug 19, 2013 09:22
I've been seaching for a decent sushi place since moving back to CT without much luck. I Tried Hana for the first time tonight and truly enjoyed myself. The place is tiny, but I managed to find a corner table (the bar's 3 seats were taken) and watched the parade of customers move in and out the door. I ordered a couple of my usuals (spicy tuna handroll and some salmon sushimi) and then left the specialty rolls up to my server to decide and I'm glad I did. she ordered the Manchester roll first and I loved, loved it! the apple was a pleasant departure from the usual cucumber and the mango added a whole new demention both in flavor and texture. she then ordered the Melody roll which was also delish, but paled in comparison to the Manchester. the fish was fresh and of good quality and plentiful. I look forward to becoming a regular and discovering more amazing treats
May 31, 2013 23:08
May 04, 2013 22:10
I had a brown rice spicy crab roll and California roll for lunch and it was very good. I am definitely a fan!!!!!
Feb 25, 2013 14:04
This place is amazing! I've been multiple times when stopping in Connecticut and each time the food has always amazed me. Their seaweed salad is delicious and the dragon roll is another one of my favorites. The staff is super friendly and courteous; they try to get to know their customers and they make you feel warm and welcome. Thank you!! Definitely worth it to stop in and eat
Jan 26, 2013 22:46
anonym user
This place is a hidden gem!!! Awesome sushi. Never been disappointe
Nov 08, 2012 19:09
anonym user
Been going here for a while. Found this place on Google Maps, looking for Japanese restuarants and have been hooked! Sushi is phenomenal and cooked foods are also pretty great (but, really, the sushi is the highlight). The staff is also amazing and always friendly
Oct 10, 2012 14:44
anonym user
this was so good. the food was delicious and filling, and the staff was very nice. the red bean fried ice cream is a must. this is me and my boyfriends new favorite
Dec 28, 2011 15:19
anonym user
We tried Hana Sushi for the for the first time a few days ago, and it was absolutely a five star experience. We had the sushi deluxe plate, the California salad, a specialty roll featuring eel and avocado, and a Cali roll. All were intensely fresh and savory. But, what I'm still dreaming about now - even more than the sushi, was the TEA. If you want a rich, magical cup of tea, Hana is THE PLACE
Sep 16, 2011 20:43
I moved away from the area a couple years ago but I still make the effort to go back to Hana Sushi. Excellent food, excellent service. I've told many people about this place and they all feel the same as I do. I highly recommend Hana Sushi
Aug 08, 2011 11:10
Gary Falkowski
I frequent this restaurant as often as I can. At least once a week I try to order something and I am always delighted with excellent service and friendly smiles. The food is always fresh and of great quality. Whether I am dining in or taking out, quality of food and service always supercedes my expectations
May 26, 2011 18:19
AWESOME!!!! fantastic sushi!
May 20, 2011 21:20
David Berthiaume
The best sushi in town, love i
Apr 15, 2011 11:12
anonym user
I passed by this restaurant for many years and never went in. I'm so glad I gave it a try one night last summer. I've been hooked ever since. My son tried sushi there for the first time, and he now loves it. They have the best gyoza I've ever tasted anywhere. The staff is so friendly. I tell everyone I know about this restaurant
Feb 20, 2011 12:48
I have been going to this restaurant for years and every time I go in they remember who I am and who my boyfriend is. I work in a customer service related field and their customer service is always above and beyond. Their sushi is some of the best and their Tuna Pizza is to die for. I even drive in from a while a way to eat there. It is always worth the trip, never had a bad meal
Feb 19, 2011 16:58
Laura Rozela
Hana Sushi has been my favorite sushi restaurant for a long time. I've never been disappointed in all the time I've been going there. What restaurant can you truly say that about? The food is consistently excellent. The fish is high quality and fresh. The variety of the rolls and entrees is very good. There's never a dull dish on the menu. (Pssssssttt! I wholeheartedly recommend the unadvertised appetizer: the Tuna Pizza. If you're not sure what that is, call them and ask them!) Plus, the chefs are always trying new things, creating new rolls, and coming up with surprisingly good combinations of tastes and textures. The staff are also very friendly and knowledgeable about the food and beverages they serve. Wines, sake (hot or cold), beers...they may just have exactly what you're looking for. If I could rate them more than 5 stars, I would. Try them out. You won't be disappointed
Jan 23, 2011 15:05
Chelsea P,
Hana Sushi is a great sushi restaurant! I do not like their hot food as much but their sushi is fabulous
Oct 05, 2010 19:19
Ashley Rogers
Amazing, my favorite restaurant. Sushi is always fresh and delicious. Lunch special is great, and the environment is cozy
Jul 03, 2010 14:13
I love going to this place. It is a bit out of my way to get there but, the food and the service is worth it! I have tried other places and they are either extremely overpriced for what you are getting; and the fish isn't as great of quality for what you are paying. For anyone that is looking for great food, I highly recommend going to Hana Sushi
Apr 21, 2010 15:47
I love Hana Sushi. Lisa makes a variety of sushi rolls. Most Japanese restaurants I go to always have the same sushi rolls unless they are specials of the day. The variety makes all the better to try new things. All of the employees at Hana sushi are extremely respectful and extroverted. It makes dining comfortable. Don't let the small appearance fool you. The food is excellent
Feb 18, 2010 09:56
Jon Rhinesmith
This is my wife's and my favorite place to go and eat or take out. The food and selection is excellent. If you have an idea for a roll, they will make it for you (I have my own named after me !). I highly recommend this wonder ful place to anyone who loves good suchi or better yet has never tried it. You will be hooked for life. They also have many other dishes that are not sushi so don't be afraid
Sep 17, 2009 17:10
lily st.louis
Every time I go to see Lisa she creates the best dishes and comes up with the best rolls wraps everything tastes soo good! Love everything about and its so close by especialy now without far. I highly recommed coming to visit and see what she can make for you.. This will be your favorite place to go
Jul 02, 2009 20:45
My friends and I absolutly love Hana Sushi! I eat their on a daily basis, about 3 or 4 times a week, whether its lunch, dinner, or appetiziers, its absolutly delicious. Best sushi i have ever had. The staff if extremely warm and welcoming...and the menu has so much to choose from. Trust me when i tell you we've tried it all. I even got my co-workers hooked, so now we have sushi fridays. Tell everyone you know about Hana Sushi, they'll thank you a million times over. If you havent been go now! You wont regret it
Jan 23, 2009 14:55
When I first went to Hana.... I wasn't to sure if I would like it, only because I have my set favorite places to eat sushi. Well Hana is now one of my favorites. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I go there with my boyfriend often and we enjoy it everytime, they know us well :) There are so many rolls to choose from, there are so many dishes to choose from not just sushi. My personal favorites are the Yankee Roll and the New Buckland Roll. Compliments to the Chef! Honestly if I can afford to have a personal chef, she would be the one. Great Place
Dec 18, 2008 11:06
Hana sushi is amazing. Delicious food and friendly services. Thank you
Dec 14, 2008 16:24
great place. i go all the time. mark
Aug 23, 2008 12:41
I am a fairly regular customer of Hana Sushi and absolutely love their food. They have the best sushi around and the people inside are always very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this to restaurant to anyone looking for some great Japanese food!
Jul 14, 2008 16:15

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